Wholly Committed – John 15:4

Hello!!  This is week three of the Online Bible Study – “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” by Lysa Terkeurst that is being presented by P31 Proverbs 31 Ministries.   Did I say last week was the best week of this study?  Well, I have to take that back!  This Bible Study gets better every week.

This week’s memory verse is “Remain in me, as I also remain in you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine.  Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”  John 15:4

We are learning this week what is it to be wholly committed to the Lord.  I have a story to tell that has helped me feel wholly committed.  One year ago, I received a letter from the insurance company for my home.  The letter was asking that we repair a list of items surrounding our property.  If not, our home insurance would be cancelled in one year’s time.  I have had this insurance since I bought my home 27 years ago.  I have 3 years left on my mortgage with a grandfathered insurance policy whereby we only have to pay a $100 deductible on any perils.  As you may have guessed, I was devastated!

We know we should not have ignored the repairs for so long – our only excuse was this is the first time a surprise inspection had been performed by the insurance company. Anyway, I started on the list of repairs right away.  I had to replace the roof on the house, replace the fence surrounding the property, remove a pool that was no longer in use and replace the garage.  No small order!

Now, lets move forward to May of this year.  By now, I had completed the roof on the home and the fence.  I had also removed the pool.  I had never been involved in any major construction and trying to get a garage rebuilt was not as simple as it looked.  Here I was with 3 months to go before insurance cancellation and nothing was moving on that project.  I prayed and prayed.  I was in God’s word everyday.  I had felt that God was with me during the entire project (getting the funds and getting all the other things done), but this last task was not moving.  All of a sudden I was unsure – doubts began to creep into my mind and soul.  I was crying every day and getting depressed.

First they told us they could build the garage in 2 days but first we had to have a construction permit.  The construction permit required a new land survey.  Each process seemed to take forever to get accomplished.  August arrived – I had 26 days to go until cancellation – the old garage is still standing.  I was able to get the survey done but the permit process is still in the 3rd week and still not completed.  I could feel myself losing faith.  I prayed harder but I was really scared.

Then one day 2 weeks ago, an idea popped into my head while I was reading my Bible.  It said – call the insurance company – tell them what you have accomplished and ask them if the signed contract with down payment paid enough for them to give you a play on the garage.  We cannot get out of the contract which was signed on July 3rd – we are only waiting on the process – won’t this do?  The agent felt that it was a reasonable request and told me they would run it by the underwriter and get back to me.

On Saturday 8/17/2013, I received a letter from the insurance company rescinding the prior letter promising cancellation of my insurance with 10 days to go.  I cannot tell you the relief I felt and the tears that just streamed down my face.  I was so grateful and I knew exactly at whose feet I could place my good fortune. Prior to this,  I needed something to push me into a wholly committed state and this grace of God did it for me.  I can never go back now.  I now know he is within me everyday if I stay wholly committed to his word.

I received at least three emails this week with opportunities for helping others in their current struggles – I am committed to picking up at least one which will allow me to say #YesToGod!!!!

 Praise the Lord!!


About Melanie F.

I am a IT Professional living life through the guidance of our Lord.
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10 Responses to Wholly Committed – John 15:4

  1. I totally agree, the OBS gets better each week! I am so thankful for it, and for all the amazing blogs like yours!!! Thank you for sharing this story, I am glad everything worked out for you! Praying for your journey in being wholly committed to Him 🙂 God bless!

  2. melva nolan says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. God bless.

  3. Kristi Seat says:

    Your faith through this process is remarkable. It’s those 11th hour moments when God steps in that always #Amazes me. Thank you for sharing your heart today. What a great reminder of God’s power in all areas.

    Kristi Seat
    OBS Team

  4. Marilyn says:

    Awesome blog and testimony. Wholly committed to God wow as God stepped in at the 11th hour. Thanks for sharing . What a blessing to you. God blessed you and will continue to bless you as you trust in Him in all things.
    Marilyn V OBS Group Leader

  5. Melanie F. says:

    Thanks Marilyn – I really appreciate your comments – bless you!

  6. jenna says:

    Melanie, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I really needed to read something like that tonight – how God never forgets us, that even in those last moments He is always there! Blessings to you!

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