Keep Calm and Study On – 2 Samuel 5:19

“So David asked the LORD, “Should I go out to fight the Philistines?  Will you hand them over to me?”  2 Samuel 5:19 (NIV)

I have just finished reading the 10/10/2013 Devotional from the Life Application Study Bible verses 2 Samuel 5:17-25.  It so resonates with me today as I feel the Lord has helped me through a major accomplishment.   In August and September 2013, I  participated in the “When Women Say Yes to God” Bible Study,  based on the book by Lisa Terkeurst and presented by -Proverbs 31 Ministries.  During the study I learned that if you don’t stay in the Lord’s word and pray to God steadily, you can only really blame yourself and not God for how your life turns out.

In reading this devotional today and seeing how David kept going back to the Lord every step of the way in order to conquer the Philistines, I realized this strategy can and will work for us in our everyday life.  In my case, I started out on an adventure prior to participating in the prior Bible Study.

My old garage was in major disrepair/falling down and I needed to rebuild it.  This was my first major construction project – I did not know any better so I plowed in with both feet. This began in May 2013.  I found my contractor online via a Google search and I thought, wow, this is easy.  Then as time went on and everything that could popped up to delay the project, I kept thinking – What am I doing wrong?  Then in August, I started the “Yes to God” bible study and learned what I was doing wrong.  I did not involve the Lord in my project.  I had not prayed to him every step of the way.

As I picked up more during this study, I started praying daily to the Lord.  I would describe the details of what was planned the next day and ask Him to just be with me and watch over me and help me in any way that He could.  I would praise Him for everything that He had helped with so far.  I started out hoping that this was the missing piece of this project, but was not really sure.

In hindsight, I now know that the missing piece was definitely the lack of prayer because boy did the the project take off after that!   Prior to the study, on July 3rd I had a contract signed and deposit paid but nothing was moving.  First they told me that I needed to get a new land survey.   I asked “What’s wrong with the old one I just used it to build a fence in April?”  My contractor set me up with a surveyor who he said would call me.  One month later, no one had called.  By then, I had started the bible study and was praying daily.

Then it came to me, I found my contractor via Google why not do the same for a land surveyor?  The first person I contacted was too busy to help me as he was booked months in advance.  I started to feel discouraged but I kept praying.  I remembered one thing the first surveyor told me – he said I needed to look locally. He said the surveyors locally in my town would know the area and would charge less.  On my next Google search, I found someone locally who was able to come to my house that very day.  It took him three weeks to do the work but I had a land survey in hand that I could now send to the contractors. Next, there were permit issues – there were questions as to if we could keep the existing slab or if we needed to build a new one.  I kept praying and did not lose hope.  Finally, the word came, we were able to build on the existing slab.  Good thing too, a new one would have added an additional $4,000 to the project!

I was given the green light to build by the city on 9/3/2013  and we were able to move forward.  My old garage was destroyed on 10/3/2013 with the contractors out there right now building my new garage.  Every day, I prayed my simple prayer and every day something wonderful happened.  We have the electrician scheduled for Friday and this project will finally come to a close after five months!

I have no idea, how long this would have taken or how many other problems would have continued to creep into this project, had I not prayed daily on it.  Now, I find that I don’t need to have a reason or problem to fix.  Spending time in prayer and with the Lord’s word is just part of my day along with the air I breath and the food I eat.



About Melanie F.

I am a IT Professional living life through the guidance of our Lord.
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2 Responses to Keep Calm and Study On – 2 Samuel 5:19

  1. Melanie enjoyed your blog. What you shared is so true. Things go so much smoother when we include God and like you sometimes I forget to put it all in His hands with that prayer first and not later. Thanks so much for sharing this interesting blog. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  2. olgatodd says:

    Welcome to the Confident Heart study!

    So glad to see you there 🙂

    God bless you


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