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I am participating in the 6th week of an online Bible Study called A Confident Heart.  This study is presented by Proverbs 31 Ministries and is based on a book written by Renee Swope.  Although, I have been involved in this study for 6 weeks now, this is the first week that I felt that that I had something good to blog about.  The first 5 weeks were rough going and I have learned a lot about myself but I felt that I had only skimmed the surface on the work that I need to do to fully embrace the concepts presented there.  I feel I need more time to digest and internalize what I have learned so far.

However, the concepts of week 6 are so uplifting that I felt I had to speak.  Chapter 8 of this book is entitled ‘When doubt Whispers “I don’t have anything special to offer”.  After reading this chapter, our response is #YESIDO!!!  Renee led us through a unique self assessment that allowed us to research ourselves in order to determine exactly what it is we have to offer.

During my assessment, I remembered an Emotional Intelligence class that I attended a year ago.  Prior to attending the class, we were asked to invite several co-workers, friends and family to anonymously participate by providing feedback on a questionnaire that was sent to them.  When we arrived at the class, the feedback was given to us in a workbook that the class presenters developed.

We were rated in several areas of emotional Intelligence – Emotional Connection, Emotional Management and Self-Awareness.  The workbook provided feedback on how we rated ourselves in comparison to how the people we asked to participate rated us.  Since the people we invited represented all areas of our lives, it was a way to get several views on each emotional aspect – work, personal friends and family.

At first I was scared to open the work book.  All of a sudden, I was overwhelmed with feelings – afraid of what they might have said.  Wow!!  I thought when I read the results for Authenticity, Personal Drive and Self Regard – They really like me!  There were some responses that were neutral but the majority of the input was favorable.  This helped me to believe and understand that I was on the right track.  I did notice that in all areas, I had a far higher regard for myself.  I guess prior to taking the class, I was really puffed up and totally confident about what I had to offer.

If the print below is too small, click/stretch the pictures to get a better view.




However, as you can see below, not all of the results were all rosy.  Apparently, there are areas like Empathy and communication, where my score was dismal.  I was totally off base here in what I thought verses how I am perceived.   I was very sad for a quite a few moments – how could I have missed this?   Where have I been the last years?  Am I blind?


Screenshot_112213_123234_PM Screenshot_112213_123316_PM

Then I realized that I could not wally in this result.  I have studied the additional improvement techniques below my score and the input from my boss, family and peers to help improve the low scores during the past year.  I hope and believe that if I take this assessment again, I would have better results.  I know what you are thinking…. Yes, I will pick the same participants and not totally different people in order to raise my score!

I must admit, though, that taking this class and getting the results above, helped push me in my decision to get closer to God.   I have attended four Bible studies on-line this year.  I have chosen a church -but have not actually attended yet.  I am still working up to that.  I am improving day by day.  I truly hope and pray that I am a better person today than I was a year ago.

I have also taken the personality type and spiritual assessments in Chapter 8.  I believe my personality type is Choleric with a bit of Melancholy thrown in.  I am still working on unwrapping my spiritual gifts but I am leaning toward Leadership and Service.



About Melanie F.

I am a IT Professional living life through the guidance of our Lord.
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4 Responses to The Real Me – Melanie

  1. Lauren Bates says:

    I’m a melancholy. This was an interesting chapter to go through. Praying for you! Thanks for sharing!
    Lauren, P31 OBS blog hop team

  2. I’m so glad you decided to blog! I can relate. As.part of my job we had to have coworkers evaluate our leadership skills. When I first saw my results I was surprised and then indignant. I scored low in a few areas that I was not expecting to. I had to stew on the results for a couple of days until eventually I was thankful for my peers honesty and have been working on my weak areas. Until I read your blog I hadn’t connected my “test” to A Confident Heart. Now I do! Isn’t God good how he used your test results to bring you closer to Him? You are now on a personal journey towards Him! Amazing! Stephanie Solberg OBS Group Leader

    • Melanie F. says:

      Thanks Stephanie for your post. I said above that it took a few minutes but I have to admit my first reaction was the same as yours. First thing out of my mouth was – I thought these were my friends (Well not my boss) but the others. That was why I picked them I suppose. But after a day of rereading their comments and trying to figure out who said what – I let it go. I realize that these were their perception of me and it was a golden opportunity to use their criticism to improve.

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